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Contour Next EZ, Blood Glucose Monitoring System

TK 1100
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Contour Next EZ is a blood glucose monitoring system that allows people with diabetes to check their blood sugar levels at home. It consists of a small meter, lancets, and test strips. The meter is designed to be easy to use, with a large display that shows the results of the blood glucose test within seconds.

The system uses the Contour Next test strips, which are designed to be highly accurate and require a very small amount of blood. The lancets are also designed to be gentle on the skin and to minimize discomfort during testing.

The Contour Next EZ system has several features that make it particularly user-friendly. It has a bright color display that is easy to read in low light conditions, and it has a simple interface that allows users to easily navigate through the menu options. The system also has the ability to store up to 480 test results, which can be downloaded to a computer for tracking and analysis.

In addition to the basic features, the Contour Next EZ system also has optional features that can be added, such as a lancing device that allows for testing on alternative sites (such as the forearm), and a control solution that can be used to verify the accuracy of the system.

Overall, the Contour Next EZ blood glucose monitoring system is a convenient and accurate tool for people with diabetes who need to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly.

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